GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s a method to decrease the stigma associated with mental illness and a goal of the Pitt Partners for Health Positivity campaign, just in time for National Positivity Day.

Inspiring hope in those looking for a sign is one thing the organization dreams of with this campaign. The hope is it will bring something good to those struggling with mental illness.

Advocating for mental health is a top priority for Pitt Partners for Health. Officials there said spreading these positive messages is just one way to raise awareness.

“We worked with some of our action team leaders to figure out what those messages would be and worked with the community to try and figure out how we can spread the word to everyone in the county,” said Quatavia White with Pitt Partners for Health.

Messages like “You are amazing. Remember that” and “Everything that you are is enough” are just a couple of the suggested phrases for the positivity campaign.

“We are trying to promote positivity throughout Pitt County and broader if we have to,” said Valarie Walker, a Pitt Partners in Health member. “We have mental illnesses all throughout this nation, due to a lot of reasons. Finances, COVID, diseases and we just want to make sure people feel valued.”

Pitt Partners for Health asked businesses, agencies and faith organizations to display these kinds of signs, all to let community members know they are cared for and to connect people to local mental health resources.

“We want people to feel positive every day,” said Minerva Freeman with Pitt Partners for Health. “That is so important. In a world where people are feeling sad, depressed, and whatever, we want them to know that they are not alone. There are resources here in Pitt County that can help them.”

Freeman said she hopes this campaign will encourage people to quite literally look for positive signs.

“They are not alone,” Freeman said. “That we’re here to help as well as other people. So that’s the message I would say to Pitt County, you are not alone.”

The signs will stay up for the entire week, through Sept. 17, to remind people they are not alone and that they have the Pitt County community to fall back on.