GREENVILLE, N.C. — Trillium received $1,338,023 in federal grant funds to help end homelessness across Eastern North Carolina. 

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development grants will go to provide sustainable housing assistance to individuals and families with disabilities in need of safe, affordable housing.

“It’s a housing-first model. which means there are no prerequisites to services attached to this,” said Amy Modlin, Trillium’s head of housing. “We can meet them where they are, get them housed and then if they choose, to do so, we can get them into services to help them have successful lives.”

Trillium received grant awards totaling $1,125,984 for Permanent Supportive Housing services. These services combine affordable housing assistance with supportive services to help low-income persons with disabilities live independently.

Additional grant awards included $212,039 for Rapid Rehousing which provides quick re-entry into housing when only limited financial assistance is needed in a specific timeframe. 

All grant submissions were made via the North Carolina Balance of State Continuum of Care created in 2005 in order to help rural communities apply for Continuum of Care funding from HUD.

“Trillium is excited to continue its evidence-based housing interventions through these federally funded housing programs,” Modlin said. “Using the Housing First model, Trillium is able to give individuals and families experiencing homelessness what they need the most: safe, decent and affordable housing.”

Last year, Trillium helped house 238 adults and 54 children with PSH funds. 

Ten people from six households were also able to quickly connect to housing services with RRH assistance.

The grants were part of the larger Continuum of Care Competition Awards through HUD. 

This year’s awards included $2.8 billion to thousands of local homeless service and housing programs across the country. It is the largest source of federal grant funding assisting individuals who experience homelessness.

 “Helping people move into stable housing from temporary shelters and encampments on the streets is essential to ending homelessness,” HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge said. “Working with our local partners, these Continuum of Care program grants, deliver communities the resources they need. Together we can work toward a world where homelessness is a brief and rare occurrence, and every person has access to a safe, affordable and stable home so that they and their families can thrive.”

Trillium was one of the 145 projects receiving over $37 million given to homeless services and housing programs across North Carolina.

Find additional information on Trillium’s Housing Services at this link