RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – As of Tuesday morning, North Carolina was counting 122 cases of monkeypox infections. The virus is most commonly spread through close skin-to-skin contact.

A new state report shows 100 percent of people becoming infected with monkeypox are men. Of those infected, 70 percent are Black.

That report also shows 37 percent of people infected are ages 18 to 29 and 59 percent are ages 30 to 49. While there are some cases nationwide in children, no children in North Carolina have been infected so far.

A vaccine is available for people exposed to monkeypox. That vaccine is a two-dose regimen given 14 days apart. The vaccine may prevent illness or cause milder symptoms if given within 14 days after exposure.

Wednesday’s report shows 3,048 total vaccinations.

Disparities in vaccinations are already showing up. While Black men account for 70 percent of cases, they have received less than a quarter, 23.6 percent, of vaccine doses. While white men account for 20 percent of cases, they account for 67 percent of vaccine administrations.

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Testing for monkeypox is encouraged for people exposed or showing potential symptoms for the virus. The State Laboratory of Public Health has conducted at least 162 tests.

Of those 46 percent of people tested are white, 39 percent are Black with 80 percent of all those tests men.