GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A group of Michigan high school students are bringing their tutoring service to North Carolina.

“Connect Me” is a way to provide free tutoring to students in need. The initiative was started by Mehmet Tascioglu, a Michigan high schooler.

“With COVID-19 forcing students to go to emergency virtual learning, we wanted to adapt, and we saw an even greater reason on how we can make a positive impact,” said Tascioglu.

He and his teammate, Camille Johnson, realized that tutoring was really only being offered at a pay-per-visit rate, so they decided to change that.

“There’s a lot of people who need tutoring that don’t really have access to it because all the tutoring that came was paid and cost money,” said Johnson, the program’s communications director.

“The ones who were from more disadvantaged backgrounds or had families with essential workers, they needed a bit more support to maintain their academic success,” said Tascioglu.

The service is for kids who come from lower-income backgrounds, have a parent who’s classified as an essential worker or those now attending virtual school. They felt as though their program was ready to expand, making Greenville a stop on their map for kids needing help.

With their expansion into North Carolina, they hope to help many kids who feel they’re falling behind. They also welcome tutors from the area.

“They all have to have a minimum of a 3.7 GPA as the first thing to get in,” Tascioglu said.

Tascioglu also said they watch how well the tutors are able to teach and that each session is monitored so that parents can be ensured their kids are safe.

“The fact that it’s free doesn’t matter, our currency here is we are making children successful. That’s what makes us happy, that’s what fuels us,” said Tascioglu.

To sign up for Connect Me’s services, click here.