WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — On the edge of Winterville and Greenville there is a place that serves breakfast, lunch and much more.

Morgan Ahlers raved about a southern favorite. “Their cheese biscuits here are probably some of the best around,” he said. “The food’s great. It’s a great place for breakfast. Lawrence and his staff, they do a great job, great food. As you can tell there’s nothing left!”

The owner of C.D.’s, Lawrence Manning, is a Pitt County native. He opened up C.D.’s Grill in 1998.

“Well you know I’ve been here all my life. I was born and raised in Bethel. Local guy. Moved to Ayden years ago. And places like my place getting far and few between,” said Manning.

The place closed down for about a decade after a fire in 2007. The grill is now celebrating five years since its reopening.

“I just want to tell everybody thank you for coming by,” Manning said. “Through the pandemic, through the first five years here in this building. I tell people the only reason we’re here is because of y’all and God.

“Good people like y’all coming in and the Lord doing is the reason that we’re successful.”

Watch the video above or listen to the podcast to see why C.D.’s customers are so loyal.