ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WNCT) — The downtown Elizabeth City area is thriving again, thanks in large part to a couple who took a chance and started their own small business.

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There are plenty of reasons to visit Elizabeth City. One of them is a growing beer scene. It all got started at Ghost Harbor Brewing Company. Thomas Reese and his wife, Tabitha, opened Elizabeth City’s first brewery in 2017.

It’s an idea that came about after years of home brewing.

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“So I got kind of obsessed with it, started brewing over and over and over in the garage every weekend,” said Thomas Reese, co-owner of Ghost Harbor Brewing Company. “And then my wife Tabitha said ‘Hey, you know, this beer is starting to get pretty good.’ And we’ve always wanted to open a business together, let’s try a brewery.”

“I was always supportive of him starting a small business because I knew what he was capable of,” said Tabitha Reese.

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