GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A Greenville neighborhood is home to a place that’s overlooked by some and beloved by many more.

There’s a new sense of pride in this community, thanks to one man and all the good food his business creates. LookAtDatDer BBQ House & Catering, located at 411 Deck St. in Greenville, is run by Ivan Hawkins.

People & Places Extra podcast: LookAtDatDer BBQ House & Catering 

“I say it’s old-school food with a new school swag,” Hawkins said. “And I’m country and I used to say ‘look at dat der’ and somebody said ‘Hey, man, you should trademark that.”

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In 2019, LookAtDatDer BBQ House and Catering opened. For Hawkins, it was a chance for the Greenville native to take his love for cooking good food and sharing it with others.

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