JAMESVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — This week’s People & Places introduces you to the individuals behind a spot people really go nuts for.

Mackeys Ferry Peanuts started 40 years ago in Washington County and is now alive and thriving across the border in Martin County. It’s a roadside gem that moved to its current location when the US 64 highway bypass was added to the area.

“Most people are really surprised at what they find inside this building when they open the door,” said Chris Smith, the co-owner.

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It attracts people from all over.

“A lot of variety here that suits everybody’s tastes,” said Sharon Smith, co-owner.

It started in Washington County in 1983 but moved to its current location in 2005. The Smiths bought the business in 2003 after Chris and many others in the community lost their jobs at the nearby paper mill.

Click the video to find out more about Mackeys Ferry Peanuts. You can also check out their website.