GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Complaints about the living conditions at a complex in Greenville have been swirling around social media. 9 On Your Side decided to do some digging to see what’s going on.

The complaints center around Copper Beech Townhomes in Greenville. Tenants say not only are living conditions unbearable at their homes, but they also say management simply isn’t doing anything about it.

“When it comes down to the roaches, the mold and everything, it’s a lot of things that break down like the dishwasher the sink, different things like that,” said Kenneth Roach, a resident and recent East Carolina University graduate.

“Definitely a lot of plumbing issues, we’ve had issues with the washing machine getting stopped up and leaking all over the floors,” said ECU student Marissa Washington.

Roach, who has been living at his home for three years, said he’s done what he knows to do to reach out and get answers.

“I’d even walk up in there to talk to them personally and they never had answers for me. nobody wanted to talk to me,” Roach said. “The managers were always ‘busy,’ and then even when they try to reach out to the regional manager I’ve sent over within the past six weeks, I’ve sent about 40 to 50 emails to the regional manager and I haven’t gotten any responses.”

He said he decided to start a petition to have his and other tenants’ voices heard. So far, he’s gotten over 300 signatures.

“My thing is I put that out there and maybe in a couple hours or days they’ve seen it, i don’t know if they’ve already seen it before,” Roach said. “I’ve had somebody in the office let me know that they did see the petition and they did see the tweet so it’s definitely knowledge within the management group.”

On Tuesday, 9OYS reached out with a call and email to the Scion Group, the corporate company that manages Copper Beach Townhomes. In the phone call, we were told they typically respond within 48 hours.