WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Bam Adebayo may be in the midst of his NBA season with the Miami Heat, but he is always giving back to where he grew up in Beaufort County.

Adebayo gave back to his alma mater thanks to his foundation as the fifth-grade students of Northeast Elementary School were gifted a field trip on Friday. While wearing T-shirts of his college and NBA jersey, students were taken to Adebayo’s childhood home to learn about the star’s humble beginnings and then went to learn about wildlife at the North Carolina Estuarium. 

Foundation Director Marquita Mcculley puts emphasis on Adebayo’s humble background because it teaches children from similar households how to make their dreams a reality.   

“He is an individual who grew up here in Pinetown, North Carolina. He made it to the NBA for the Miami Heat, and this is his way of giving back,” she said. “He grew up in a single-parent household and he just wants to spread love to mothers and also the children that come up uh in different circumstances that can be troubling.”  

 The students headed to the estuarium after visiting Adebayo’s childhood home. The inspiration for deciding to go here was due to the star’s favorite subject in school. 

“Bam’s mother asked, ‘Hey why haven’t you been to the Northeast Elementary?’ I said ‘Yes ma’am,” Mcculley said. “I asked Bam what his favorite grade and subject at Northeast was. He said fifth grade and science. So, we’re here today.” 

 The foundation hopes to keep spreading joy throughout Eastern North Carolina and will continue the conversation with young children about dreaming big.