WASHINGTON, N.C.— The Class of 2022 at Beaufort County Early College High School celebrated their high school graduation in Washington High School’s auditorium.

The dual enrollment program, housed on the campus of Beaufort County Community College (BCCC), saw 46 students presented with high school diplomas, 35 of whom also received associate’s degrees through Beaufort County Community College. 

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Students who also earned certificates or degrees through BCCC had participated in a larger ceremony with graduates from the college and other early college high school students on May 12. The graduates are headed off to four-year universities, the military and the workforce. 

Graduates were recognized for different achievements at the ceremony. Those wearing gold cords had weighted high school grade point average of 4.0 or higher. Those with white cords had completed an associate’s degree. Jackeline Campos, Molly Avery, Sarah Banta, Riley Beakes, Kimberly Benitez, Emily Bowen, Emma Brooks, Shantaja Brown, Jartavian Campbell, Makayla Clark, T-Na’Ja Davis, Arianna Gurner, Meagan Hart, Janessa Henry, Shi’Auna Holloway, William Hudnell Jr., Hope Jankowski, Jasmin Delgado, Jessica Mendoza, Mahogani Midgette, Serenity Moore, Lindsey Moore, Zion Dixon, Caden Mrkva, Riley Overton, Rebecca Perez Gonzalez, Alex Plasencia Garcia, Eric Ramirez, Jacob Roberson, Alexis Satchell, Rita Schneider, Kyndall Seger, John Singleton, Hailey Taylor, and Bethany Waters all received degrees and certificates through BCCC. 

Fourteen of the graduates had unweighted high school GPAs of 3.5 or higher. The North Carolina Scholars were Jackeline Campos, Molly Avery, Kimberly Benitez, Emily Bowen, Emma Brooks, Makayla Clark, Janessa Henry, William Hudnell Jr., Jasmin Delgado, Jessica Mendoza, Lindsey Moore, Caden Mrkva, Rebecca Perez Gonzalez, Alex Plasencia Garcia, Jacob Roberson, Rita Schneider, Kyndall Seger, John Singleton, and Bethany Waters. Alex Plasencia Garcia was the Class of 2022’s valedictorian. 

Cumulatively, the class was awarded over $437,000 in scholarships to attend the universities of their choice. 

Dual enrollment students are becoming an increasingly larger part of the community college landscape. BCCC also partners with Columbia Early College High School, Mattamuskeet Early College High School, and Washington County Early College High School and qualified students from all area high schools can take free college classes through Career and College Promise. 

Early college high school students go to high school classes for their first two years, later transitioning to taking college classes just like any other college students on the BCCC campus. At the end of their five-year education, they earn a high school diploma, and most of them also earn one or more associate’s degrees. BCECHS encourages its students to graduate with two associate’s degrees.  

BCCC wishes all the best to its early college students.