WASHINGTON, N.C. — Beaufort County Schools parents, staff, students and community members can now tune in to two new podcasts that talk about school-related issues and topics.

The podcasts share information on what’s new within the school district and what important information parents and students should know.

Paul Huggins, the digital media director for Beaufort County Schools, built the podcast studio from the ground up. The studio hosts two podcasts one to two times a week. Huggins said he wanted to connect with students, parents and teachers where they can share information through a media outlet that is popular.

“We truly believe that communication is the key to what’s going on,” Huggins said.

Ashley Padget, who handles family and community engagement in the school district, hosts one podcast called ‘Facetime With Ashley.’ The podcast has 13 episodes that run no more than eight minutes long. This podcast gives updates on the pandemic, masks mandates and hosts forums on topics such as mental health.

“The really great thing about our mental health forum is we were able to ask our stakeholders what questions they wanted answers to, and our experts in Beaufort County Schools were able to answer those and talk specifically about how our school systems support the mental health of our students,” Padget said.

Kristen Riddle, the public information officer for Beaufort County Schools, hosts the second podcast called ‘Open Mic With Kristen.’ This podcast focuses on administrators in the county such as principals and assistant principals at each school.

Administrators are given a chance to share information about what is happening at their individual schools such as plays and art projects. Episodes for this podcast run 15 minutes long and, so far it has two episodes. Riddle says all of this wasn’t possible without a team effort.

Beaufort County Schools’ podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or at the Beaufort County Schools website.