WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — This is the first week Beaufort County Schools are back in session under Plan A. Students are back to face-to-face learning four days a week with a Wednesday remote day.

For some, remote learning not only created barriers for students in academic growth but in social and emotional well-being. Now students can interact with their peers and engage with their teachers without technology issues. Administrators say the relaxed guidelines on social distancing have helped get more students back in classes. 

But remote learning is still an option and teachers have adapted to instructing hybrid classes. Those who have chosen virtual learning will finish off the school year remotely.  

“I try to stay closer to my computer so that my students at home can hear me and see me and then I’ll walk around the room so that my other students still feel my presence,” said Elisha Krantz, a 6th grade language arts teacher at P.S. Jones Middle School.

Administrators tell 9OYS safety is still the number one priority. Students and faculty wear face masks, social distance and use sanitation stations throughout the schools.

“We have these hand sanitizers put up here in schools so when the kids come in after they get their temperature checked then they come and make sure they put their hands here and sanitize and keep moving to the next class,” says Sarina Gibbs, a custodian at Chocowinity Middle School.

Custodians also wipe down surfaces after every class period.