WINDSOR, N.C. (WNCT) — Chowan University is partnering will Bertie High School and the Plexuss Foundation to provide tutoring to grades 9-12.

All expenses will be covered for any Bertie High School student who wants to be tutored. Tutoring will be available on weekdays and weekends virtually. Almost 100 students are able to be taught by certified tutors.

“Students have access to a one-hour tutoring session each month, no fees applied to the students but they also have unlimited homework help,” said Bertie High School Principal Johnathan Matthews. “So even if they can’t devote the time to tutoring sessions, they can submit online some of their homework and individual practice from their teachers and get help that way as well. So I think it could be a huge help for our students.”

Matthews also said that this program was needed by the school and although it is only set for 12 months, he anticipates the program being renewed in the coming years.

If interested in receiving tutoring, click here.