RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Universities across the Triangle will welcome tens of thousands of students back on campuses soon, but with skyrocketing off-campus rent prices, living spaces at local colleges are filling up fast.

Upcoming North Carolina State senior, Ben Price, splits off-campus living costs with his fraternity brothers. But he said he has seen many friends struggle to afford rent hikes.

“It’s really hard for them to find cheap places to live,” Price said.

Zillow estimates the median one-bedroom rent in Raleigh to currently list at $1,536 per month. To cover a full school year, at least 10 months, that can add up to well above $15,350 in rent.

Compare that with NC State’s on-campus housing. A single dorm or one-bedroom apartment can run a student anywhere between $7,600 to $9,000 per year.

“Cost-wise, on-campus was a little cheaper than the expensive apartment I went into my second year,” Price said. “And then it is probably a little more expensive than the place I live in currently which is a bigger house with a bunch of people.”

Price said he doesn’t plan on staying in the city after graduation.

“I’m not going to live in Raleigh,” Price said. “I’ve got to go somewhere else, cheaper.”

N.C. State officials said their on-campus housing waitlist is longer than usual this year.

“We do have limited space on campus and we obviously want to make sure that we’re providing for as many students as we can,” N.C. State executive housing director Donna McGalliard said. “But sometimes, like this year, it might not be possible to do that.”

Another student, Austin Maultsby, said he wanted to live off-campus to stay in Raleigh through next summer. Now he splits his rent with multiple roommates.

“I have split with four people,” Maultsby said. “We are trying to just kind of work together in terms of keeping utilities down and stuff like that.”

Meanwhile, at UNC Chapel Hill, university officials said on-campus housing is 97.5 percent filled for the fall semester. That’s 7,910 housing contracts filled out of a total 8,110 available beds.

Single dorms to private bedrooms and apartments on campus at UNC Chapel Hill range between $8,300 hundred to $9,700 per year.

Meanwhile, Zillow estimates a median one-bedroom rent in Chapel Hill will run you just around $1,436 per month.

Following requests, Duke University has not yet provided information for the school’s current on-campus demand.