CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Starting next week roads will be more crowded than they have been in more than a year. As more parents and school buses will be out driving kids to and from school.

Detective Justin Comfort with CMPD says they will be targeting drivers who are speeding and not paying attention to their surroundings. They’re asking drivers to be careful around school buses, slow down in school zones, and watch out for kids crossing the road and students on bikes. Parents should drop their child off on the school’s property, avoid double parking in the school lot, and carpool if they can.

“Make sure we are vigilant when we are the driver of a vehicle look both ways,” Comfort said. “Kids are always not aware of the hazards they see around them. So it’s our jobs as safe drivers to protect our children.” Right now police are still searching for at least ten people who they say were speeding and driving recklessly on charlotte roads and highways.

In May, more than 50 people were arrested and had their cars seized during a sting operation. Although the number of calls coming in about it has decreased police say dangers still lurk. “With this little bit of effort in helping make our traffic school safeties and the area around the school safe should make a great school year for everybody,”

Comfort said. More than 50 school resource officers will be working with CMS schools building relationships with students and staff. Over the summer training helped equip officers with how they need to do it including how to address mental health issues. As police warn people to practice school safety in hopes of a safer year.

They’re also encouraging kindness. “Certainly trying times we ask people to treat others with grace, courtesy, and understanding as we move through this unique time,” Captain Brad Kotch said.