CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – An emergency CMS meeting on Monday turned tense as board members were called to discuss personnel filings related to former CMS superintendent Earnest Winston.

The Board of Education called the meeting in response to a letter, dated March 30, leaked by Dr. Ruby Jones to the media.

The letter was released by Winston’s attorney, Glenn Brock, Esq., and stated the Board acted “improperly” before Winston was fired last month.

Due to this, the Board found it necessary to release a letter of their own, refuting those allegations.

“The board is aware that the letter has been released by the media to the public,” said at-large member Elyse Dashew. “Because the March 30th letter incorrectly states that the board acted improperly, the Board finds it necessary to release the letter from the Board’s General Counsel.”

That letter, dated April 4, states that the Board acted within its rules in evaluating Winston before his termination.

Winston was abruptly dismissed last month by the CMS Board of Commissioners following a 7-2 vote during an emergency meeting where members cited numerous undoings including confidence that had been ‘lost from the top-down.’

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During the meeting where the vote on his dismissal occurred, several concerns were addressed within Winston’s personnel file including a survey done with senior administration who indicated “issues of trust” with his executive team and “the need for better communication.”