NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — Craven Community College is offering a new program that gives students an opportunity to learn a trade for free.

The Volt Toolbelt Trust covers all registration costs for a credentialed workforce development program. Students will be able to leave the program debt-free and stay within the county to start a career in their specified trades, many of which are in high demand.

“Now we have the Volt Toolbelt Trust. And what that is, is really a scholarship that allows people to come to the vote center and take most of our trades classes at no cost, it covers 100% of the registration fees,” said Craig Ramey, director of communications for Craven Community College.

College officials said trade jobs are in high demand across New Bern. The program will allow students to stay in Craven County and enrich the local economy with their new skills.

“Our community needs people in the trades to be able to build homes, repair homes — right now, when it’s over 100 degrees, and HVAC breaks down, you want somebody to be able to repair that,” Ramey said. “We can help people understand and get the training here at the Volt Center to give them that skill,” said Ramey.

Classes eligible for the Volt Toolbelt Trust include carpentry, diesel, electrical, hospital and environmental safety.

“It’s our mission to be able to make sure that our community is stronger,” said Ramey.

“And one of the ways that we do that as an educational institution is to make sure that people have the training so that they can get those skills and then reinvest them back into the community,” Ramey added. Local businesses who need to have someone that can work on specific parts of their business or in homes, they can actually come and stay here and do that, allowing us to become stronger and more of a strong community.”

For more information on how to apply, visit Volt Toolbelt Trust.