NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — Craven Community College is opening its newly renovated barbershop studio, giving students and customers a unique experience.

With this newly renovated barbershop studio, students and teachers have more space and accessibility to experience how a real barbershop operates.

“I love it, this was so much more than what I was expecting,” Donell Bryant, the director and instructor of Barbering Concepts said.

Bryant said the studio has many characteristics of a barbershop such as countertops, a shampoo area, a waiting room and replicas of barber chairs from the 1920s.

“When a client lays down in these chairs, they’re pretty much laying down the only other time when getting out the bed and leaving home. So it really puts you in the position to relax and receive the best possible experience you can receive,” Bryant said.

Other instructors like William Stevens said having their own barbershop space is less stressful.

“We shared a space with cosmetology for a number of years and it was very difficult because we had to set up our tools every day, then break them down every day,” Stevens said. “It was very strenuous on us as instructors and the students as well. So now, having our own space now, we don’t have to set up everything. We can leave everything how we have it set up and students can flow like it’s a shop.”

One barber said he’s proud of the new studio. That way he can get hands-on practice.

“It’s a big accomplishment for the program,” Ta Po said.

Bryant said now that the department has the studio, the sky is the limit.

“We look to shoot for a hundred percent of the success rate of students coming out,” Bryant said.

If you are interested in Craven Community College’s barber school program, click here.