NEW BERN, N.C. — Partners In Education has announced a grant award of $60,000 from The Harold H. Bate Foundation of $30,000 for the Craven County Schools Cheryl Marteney Beginning Teachers’ Cottage and $30,000 for The Bate Foundation Individual School Grant Program.

The Beginning Teachers’ Store provides needed resources for our new teachers to be
effective in the classroom. This program assists Craven County Schools in recruiting and
retaining highly qualified teachers.

It is a program designed to enhance the classroom experience for our new teachers and their students. This program will impact new teachers by encouraging them to go above and beyond and rewarding them for their hard work and efforts. Beginning teachers earn “light bulbs” from their mentors through a scaled rubric and then have a chance to shop at the store with their “light bulbs.”

This store will provide materials and resources for beginning teachers to assist them in the
classroom. The store is stocked with technology, teaching aids, professional development
resources, and hands-on manipulatives.

All new teachers during their first three years are eligible to participate in this unique program. Both beginning teachers and their students are impacted by the Beginning Teachers’ Store: The students gain access to additional resources in their classroom, and the teachers obtain much-needed resources.

The Beginning Teachers’ Store, through generous grants from The Harold H. Bate
Foundation to purchase supplies for the store, continues to be a successful retention tool
for our beginning teachers and is essential to the success of our mentoring program since
its inception in 2010.

Recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers continues to be a challenge for Craven
County Schools. The Beginning Teachers’ Store provides a creative and innovative
resource to assist Craven County Schools when recruiting new teachers.

With the cuts in the education budget currently proposed by the state legislature, there will be an increased demand for classroom materials outside of what is currently being funded,
especially for beginning teachers.

The Beginning Teachers’ Cottage and Store is prominently featured in the district’s teacher recruitment video, allowing the district to visually demonstrate support for beginning teachers. This will motivate those considering

Craven County Schools as the next step in their teaching career with a positive perception
of our Local Education Agency. PIE also received $30,000 for Individual School Grants that address the needs of specific Craven County Schools. The grants awarded will meet the requirements and established criteria of The Harold H. Bate Foundation of Health, Fitness, Music, and the Arts. This grant is made available to each school’s principal, and the maximum awarded
is $5,000.

Formed in 1988, Craven County Partners in Education is the local nonprofit for Craven
County Schools. The PIE Board of Directors is comprised of business professionals,
community leaders, educators, and individuals who recognize the importance of a robust
public school system.

PIE’s mission is to support and advance the educational experience within Craven County Schools through collaborative community involvement. For more information on how to support the Beginning Teachers’ Store or the many programs PIE offers our public-school teachers, contact Darlene Brown at Pictured are members of the PIE Executive Committee, Brandy Popp and Debra Hurst, recognizing Bate Foundation board member Don Brinkley at the August PIE board meeting.