GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s currently Teacher Appreciation Week and East Carolina University is recognizing and supporting the hard work their educators do.

ECU officials said they are building the next generation of teachers and they want people to know about the opportunities they have through their library. Increasing technology and resources at the Joyner Library is ECU’s priority.

ECU provides instruction for over 2,000 education students.

“They are the future, our students are the future, our children are the future, and these are people who have dedicated their college career, and then their life beyond to helping create that future,” said Charlene Loope, the head of the Teaching Resources Center.

The Joyner Library has over 57,000 pieces in its collection for people to utilize. They include cutting edge technology like robots and early coding material. Educators within the community are able to check out or borrow resources from this library and materials from the Walter and Daisy Carson Clinical Schools Network.