GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Greenville is once again filled with a little extra purple and gold. East Carolina University started its first day of class Monday for the spring semester.

“They enjoyed and appreciated that time at home and are now coming back really refreshed, energized and ready to take part in a lot of the spring traditions that we have,” said Lauren Thorn, director of the Center for Student Success at ECU.

Some students said they have goals to spend more time studying in the library or participating in more clubs during the new semester. While individual students have some goals, so does the Student Government Association.

“We’re working with ECU dining and the Purple Pantry, which is our food pantry on campus, and we’ve made it so students are able to now donate their food swipes to the food pantry,” said Ryan Bonnett, ECU student body president.

“The pandemic as well as just the inflation has really hit their financial budgets, so really making sure we can promote our Purple Pantry to help with food insecurity,” added Thorn.

With the new semester, ECU police are also alerting students to be aware of every situation on campus.

“It’s the time of year when it gets dark early and stays darker in the morning, so it’s important for students to be mindful of that,” said Capt. Chris Sutton. “If they leave and come back from class and it’s dark to be in pairs. And when in a social setting to only drink something that is opened or poured in front of you.”

At the end of the day, all these things are to ensure everyone on campus is ready for a safe and successful semester.

“I think our biggest lesson from the fall is to connect with resources early and making sure if they know it might be a rocky semester or that they need help in a particular area, now is the time to start that process,” said Thorn.

University leaders said they’ll also be stressing the importance of mental health this semester. Click here to learn about some of the resources available to students.