FARMVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Farmville Middle School honored beloved cafeteria manager Cindy Warrick by planting a rose bush Wednesday.

Warrick worked for Pitt County Schools for 22 years. She died in February.

Those who knew Warrick said no student went without a meal on her watch.

“Mrs. Warrick meant a lot to this community,” Farmville Middle School Principal Jeremiah Miller said. “She knew all the kids, knew most of them by name, they knew her.”

“She would check on her students if they didn’t come through the line,” recalled Gretchen Wilson, director of school nutrition. “And at lunch she knew if something wasn’t right with, them and she would give them some encouragement and stuff.”

In the fall a plaque with the dates Warrick worked for the school system will be placed in front of the rose bush.