GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Greenville Police Department said it has investigated a social media post that indicated the potential for a school shooting at J.H. Rose High School.

On Tuesday, police said in a media release they were notified by a concerned parent that a social media post had circulated referencing a potential school shooting at J.H. Rose High School. After an investigation, officials made contact with the suspect, who attends the school, Tuesday night. Police officials said the student confessed to making the post as a “prank.”

A statement from GPD about the incident reads, “We do not have any reason to believe, at this point, the threat was substantiated or the student intended to actually carry out the act. Regardless, actions such as this have serious consequences and, as a result, criminal charges are pending against the student. The student will not be permitted back at school and there is no ongoing threat to students or staff members.”

Efforts are being raised at Greenville schools and around Eastern North Carolina in the wake of Tuesday’s school shooting. GPD officials said they “will continue to conduct increased patrols, in addition to our regular School Resource Officer presence, at all schools within our jurisdiction until further notice.”