MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WNCT) — Morehead City turned to West Carteret High School students Friday morning to learn more about what kids would like to see for the future of the city.

There were 38 9th graders from the Scholastic Leadership Academy who participated in a number of activities that will help shape The Morehead City Plan 2023. 

“I like that younger people get an input in what happens to our community,” said Adeline Cloutier. “I think it will help our growth level out and will attract different age groups into the community who want to live here and stay.”

Work is underway on The Morehead City Plan 2032, the City’s first true comprehensive plan.  This spring the City hired Kimley Horn, a planning and design consulting business, to guide them through the process of creating the document. The plan will provide a vision for the future of the community along with the steps necessary to make that vision a reality.  A steering committee was formed to help execute the plan, and the community has been asked to provide input to make it successful. 

“The plan is for the next generation as much as it is for the current generation,” said Jonathan White Hurst, Project Manager with Kimley Horn.  “These students, in particular, are the next leaders of the community and having a hand in planning the future will make them more invested.”

For two hours students worked in groups to build a priority tree, write a vision statement and create a future land use map.

“It’s so exciting,” said Lindsey Howell, lead teacher for the Scholastic Leadership Academy. “These kids are not even old enough to drive or to vote, but they’re using what they’ve learned in this program to contribute to the future of this city. This exercise is buy-in for them. If they see they are a part of the plan, they’ll want to come back and take advantage of the future community they helped shape.”

The Scholastic Leadership Academy gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills through real-world projects.  The participation in the Morehead City Plan 2032 fit perfectly into their curriculum, and the students took their role very seriously.

“Looking at the future, providing more entertainment and giving youth things to do in this community is important to me,” said Cloutier. 

To learn more about The Morehead City Plan 2032 and to provide your input please visit and take our online survey.