GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – At East Carolina University, primary move-in for students began Wednesday. During the course of the week, officials with ECU expect more than 5,000 students to move into their homes for the school year.

Students said move-in was an overall positive experience.

“Move-in was so easy, I mean, we got to park our cars close, then we got to move in. It was just easy set-up, we were in and out two hours tops,” incoming freshman Mason Padgett said.

 The hot temperatures did not dissuade students and families.

“It’s going great, it’s kind of a hot day, but we started super early, so it’s not too bad, we had to walk three times up the hill though,” incoming freshman Erynn Shallington said.

Some students said their parents helped with the process.

“My parents helped me move everything up, it took about two hours to get everything in there and situated to the way we wanted it,” incoming freshman Anna Tarplee said.

Not all students moving in are first-years, some are transfer students. Mallorie Strickland is a student transferring to ECU as an incoming junior.

“It’s kind of hard, it’s been a little hectic and it’s been really hot,” Mallorie said.

Her mom, Brandie, feels the same as many parents, saying she will miss Mallorie.

“Very exciting, she’s worked hard for the last two years toward this so we’re very excited, very proud,” Brandie said.

Seasoned ECU students were also there to help with the move-in process.

“I knew what it was like to move in last year, I had people helping me, so I understand the stress and how many trips it takes to get to your car,” said Crystal Robertson, a sophomore student mover with the College of Education.

Another student moving group was ECU’s ROTC program, helping new cadets get moved into their dorms.

“We do care about them, and we want to get them as comfortable as possible so they can start learning, preparing for Air Force and leadership skills,” Senior ROTC Student Mover Porter Brown said.

As for advice for future students or those who have yet to move in?

“Do everything you can before you move in, go ahead and put the command strips on the back of your things, assemble all of your furniture and try to get a cart and just be here super early and be aware there’s going to be lots of traffic,” Shallington said.