(QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Congressman Madison Cawthorn gave his take on student loan forgiveness and said borrowers need to pay back their debt.

Cawthorn appeared on Real America’s Voice last month and made comments on President Biden’s campaign promise of student loan forgiveness. 

“I believe in personal responsibility. If you sign the dotted line, I don’t care how young you were to take the student loan, then it’s your duty to pay it back. But what we need to do is stop the bleeding and stop the hemorrhaging. We need to stop having these federally guaranteed student loans,” Cawthorn said.

Cawthorn made an analogy to describe the dynamic between the higher education system and the federal government. 

“Imagine, if you’re a store owner, and you’re selling pizza, and you know that you’re going to have very hungry people that are coming by your place and that they have a federally guaranteed loan system right across the street, and so they can pay whatever they need you to get that pizza right then, well, we all know that our culture has a problem with delayed gratification. So we know those people would go take that loan out, and we could charge $10,000 per pizza. That’s exactly what you have going on in our higher education institutions.”

Andrew Pentis, a student loan expert from Student Loan Hero, agreed with parts of Cawthorn’s point. 

“It’s a little bit, you know, clumsy to compare pizza and higher education. But I understand the point that he’s making, and there is a little bit of validity to that. And that is that absolutely, the rising cost of college is partially due to the availability of unsubsidized federal student loans,” Pentis said. 

Pentis said after the federal government made loans much more available to students, many colleges hiked up their prices. As for Cawthorn’s suggestion of stopping federal student loans, Pentis isn’t sold. 

“So I disagree with the idea of getting rid of federal student loans, I think then families nationwide of varying income levels would lose access to higher education. And that’s not something that I think it would be good for our country,” Pentis said.