GREENVILLE, N.C (WNCT) – According to a new poll conducted by The National Education Association, 55% of teachers say they plan to leave the profession sooner than they planned.  

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and the homework help platform, Brainly, is getting the word and bringing the attention back to the educators.  

In Brainley’s recent survey: 

  • 68% of high school students think teachers should be paid more, while 74.8 % stated a teacher has taught them a life lesson, they have been able to apply outside the classroom  
  • 76% of students felt more appreciative of their teachers when they learned that 93% of teachers purchased supplies with their own money  
  • When asked, teachers felt the most appreciated by their students, but least appreciated by their school system. 

One Florida-based teacher stated, “I am starting to reconsider my career for the first time in my life.”  
Educators also stated that the pandemic “made the profession feel more demanding and less rewarding.”  
To celebrate and give back appreciation to the teaching community, Brainly, has officially launched its annual “Educator of The Year Award”. The platform is prompting students to submit an essay or video naming their favorite teacher and why they should be considered for Educator of the Year in categories such as STEM, English + History, Arts + Languages, and Mental and Physical Health.