KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Lenoir Community College students are getting hands-on learning about how to treat patients in a hospital setting and what to do while under pressure and stress.

The disaster scenario includes a stadium collapse at the baseball field on the campus.

“Whenever they arrive on scene, they’ll see multiple patients that they’ll have to triage and determine the best course of treatment,” said Katelyn Herring, the associate degree nursing instructor at Lenoir Community College.

Student nurses then respond to the dispatch call and go to the stations they’re assigned to such as the operating room, emergency room, and a room that treats minor injuries.

Herring says students will then give assessments, interventions with physicians, give blood and give medications.

“We never know what’s gonna happen in today’s world. so especially before we let these students graduate in May, we do need to give them some scenarios where they have to respond quickly,” Herring added.

One student says she’s learning different ways to stay calm and effectively communicate.

“Communication is such a big part of working in healthcare altogether, and really just listening to your teammates around you and figuring out what your role is,” said Tamara Downing, a senior-level nursing student.

Students in the cosmetology program also contributed to the scenario by using different makeup techniques to make the injuries look as real as possible.

“The cosmetology students did a really good job,” said Zoe Carter, a surgical tech student. “We did an abdominal evisceration, so we saw organs out of the body, which is insane. It just gives you the realistic picture of what really happened.”

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