JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – There are new concerns following a recent Onslow County Board of Education meeting.

The board met Tuesday, and one topic brought up was the possibility of reviewing and removing certain graphic books from libraries. During the public comment section, multiple parents spoke out on their thoughts of having access to expressive material in schools. 

Some parents said they don’t feel any graphic content in books should be allowed in public school libraries.

“We’re all about trying to get the sexual content out of the schools at least elementary and middle school,” said Deborah Wolslagle, a concerned parent. “We don’t believe any child should be exposed to any kind of sexual content at that kind of a young age.”

“Parents need to be informed ahead of time that type of material will be made available to their child, so they can opt out. But in my opinion, it shouldn’t be available to their child,” said another parent, Cindy Sallis.

According to them, some of the books fall within the LGBTQ+ category. LGBTQ+ parents that spoke at the meeting feel like books that include them should stay on the shelves.

“The importance of information access and the school library is one of the most fundamental basics of how our children access information,” said Kelly Kantz, one Onslow County parent.

“Everybody should have equal representation, not only in their rights but in their ability to be portrayed,” said another parent, Kimberley Jimmerson. “So if you are a gay person, you should be able to see characters and books and movies and other media.”

At the end of the meeting, some board members had responses for their concerns and offered suggestions.

“What I do feel that is something that we could do and that has been done in other districts is allow permission slips for things that are put in that category, that genre,” said Melissa Oakley, a board of education member.

Board members added that if parents have any concerns they would like to address to please reach out to them.