BAYBORO, N.C. (WNCT) — Pamlico County Commissioners talked about how to pay for a certain company to install a unique feature in a high school that’ll be built soon.

“The open system is like a pump and dump where they would dig a well and pump water up to circulate in the system,” Pamlico County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Candy Bohmert said. “The other system is they would put a series of pipes in the ground in order to tap into whatever water they call it, a shallow well.”

Bohmert says she’s not on board with putting a geothermal system in the new high school. She says the county does not have enough funds.

“It costs roughly $6.7 million more than a regular HVAC system,” Bohmert said. “Most of our constituents don’t want to increase their taxes and I don’t blame them because I don’t want mine increased.”

Bohmert also believes the water quality would not be good for something like a geothermal system.

“We get our water from the Castle Hayne Aquifer. The water tends to be very hard, and we as a county have had difficulty with other systems that have been put in using water,” Bohmert said.

During Monday’s meeting, some commissioners were hesitant to make a decision about the different options presented to them. Commissioners say they will have to discuss options further before making a decision.