BAYBORO, N.C. — Pamlico County Schools Superintendent, Ms. Lisa Jackson, announced her intent to retire at the Pamlico County School Board meeting, on Monday. Her retirement will become effective September 1.

The Aurora native has served public education in Pamlico County for more than thirty-four years in varying positions from teacher, assistant principal, principal, and Director of School /Community Relations before becoming superintendent in 2015. She also served as Department Chair of Education Programs at Pamlico Community College for six years.

Jackson graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s degree in Reading Education, and an Add-on Administration Graduate Certificate.

Jackson was honored as Regional Superintendent of the Year for the 2021-22 School Year by The Southeast Education Alliance.

Jackson is known throughout the state for her work in critical times of need, including hurricane recovery and pandemic experiences, with a focus on shared leadership and collaborative engagement with many different stakeholder groups. She has led the community through two major hurricanes that closed Pamlico County Middle School to instruction and obtained resources to rebuild and repair the school while still ensuring students were receiving their education by adapting other schools to house those that were displaced.

Ultimately, Jackson’s goal has been to make sure Pamlico County’s students would not need to worry about their school flooding again by obtaining funding to build a new 6-12 school. She worked diligently towards this goal by inviting community and state leaders to tour the schools, presenting to state board of education leaders, calling local and state political representatives, and answering many questions from the community. Funding in the amount of $50 million was obtained in 2023 and plans are currently underway to build a new 6-12 school.