WINTERVILLE, N.C. — Pitt Community College Enrollment Services personnel are encouraging first-time college students to complete an admissions application as soon as possible to get the enrollment process for fall semester underway. 

   PCC Director of Recruitment and First-Year Experience John Carrere says getting off to the right start in higher education is the key to success. He said Pitt helps newcomers establish a solid foundation by assigning them academic advisors to register for classes and having them participate in orientation. 

   “Because the college landscape is everchanging, it’s critical for our students to have a thorough understanding of PCC processes and the support services we make available to help them succeed,” Carrere said. “New Student Orientation covers many of the questions students and their families have about attending Pitt, and it gives us a chance to make sure we’ve addressed their needs early on.” 

   Carrere says orientation participants learn tips for successfully transitioning to college. They can take guided campus tours, speak with representatives from off-campus apartment complexes, and learn about PCC student support services, such as tutoring, counseling and financial aid. 

   The information provided during orientation isn’t just helpful for new students, Carrere says, it’s beneficial for the parents of those individuals as well.  

   “We recognize the importance of having family members take part in this experience,” he said. “Parents play a critical role in a new learner’s ability to make a successful transition to college, so we provide an orientation experience for family members to welcome them with the best information to support their student.” 

   To sign up for an orientation session, Carrere says students should visit or email 

   The 2023 Fall Semester at PCC begins Aug. 17.