GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — As a new school year gets underway in a few days, the Pitt County Schools district is showing how the new weapons detector systems work.

The weapons detectors come from the company Ceia, which works with thousands of school systems across the country. The equipment works at high speed and will screen hundreds of book bags per minute as children file into school. If something is detected, it will let the school resource officer know.

“It’s an audio alert and a visual alert, so it lights up,” Tom McDermott with Ceia said.

“It’s the same reason why you have door locks, cameras, security is what we call a layered approach. so this is just another thing districts are having to do to help keep everybody safe,” McDermott said.

The detectors are powered by rechargeable batteries. McDermott adds these types of detectors also are used at pro football stadiums, airports and theme parks.

K-8, middle and high schools in Pitt County will have the weapons detectors at entrances to the schools.