SNOW HILL, N.C. (WNCT) – We’re nearing the start of the school year, and this year entering the school year will look a little different.

School districts like Pitt County and Greene County, they’re installing metal detectors at their middle and high schools. It’s all to make sure safety is top of mind.

“We want our parents, students and staff to know that your safety is our number one priority on our campus,” said Antonio Blow, the executive director of student services at Greene County Schools. “We know when we feel safe, students can learn, teachers can teach.”

Right now the detectors are only in Greene County Middle School and Greene Central High School.

(Erin Jenkins, WNCT photo)

“The overall goal is to expand that to all of our schools and campuses,” Blow said.

It’s something new for the district, so they’re making sure everyone is on the same page. At their open house, they’ll give people a chance to check them out.

“Parents will have the opportunity to walk through and get a feel to see how the systems are working,” Blow said. “We will also have community leaders who will come in and ask questions and get acclimated to the system.”

School leaders are hoping the use of these detectors will be quick and easy for everyone entering.

“The design of these systems, it is just free flow,” he said. “You walk in as you would normally walk in and the system is designed to detect anything that may be a weapon. Then there’s a process in place by the leaders and those who have been trained to make sure we are checking that particular point of entry and concern.”

With this new addition, they’re hoping it just adds one extra layer of protection.

“Having this is just another measure,” Blow added. “It does not limit any of the other measures we have in place that we normally do and our normal safety protocols. This is just another tool in our toolbox to utilize that we are being more intentional.”

School leaders said more metal detectors are on their way to Greene County and hope to have them implemented soon.

You can also expect to see them used at some of Greene County’s athletic events.