GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A trend on social media called Sober Curious is impacting many across the country and in Eastern North Carolina.

Experts said the movement aims to be more health conscious overall. Talk it Out NC educates the public on underage drinking. Dr. Wanda Boone who is one of the ambassadors for Talk it Out NC said the movement started on its own.

“It wasn’t a movement at first but there were high school and college students that decided they didn’t want to use alcohol in terms of recreation or to have fun,” said Dr. Wanda Boone, Talk it Out NC ambassador.

The Sober Curious movement shows the positive effects of cutting out alcohol, such as improving sleep and productivity.

At East Carolina University, Dr. Ashley Britton, who is a psychologist, said she thinks Sober Curious will improve both social and party environments.

“Because people are going to be paying attention. And, you know, if nobody’s drinking at all, then you know, less problematic things can happen, certainly,” said Britton.

The movement has become more mainstream, allowing people to be aware of their alcohol intake.

“I think that it is a great thing. Especially when you think of some of the consequences that go along with binge drinking. The dangers to oneself, the physical harms, the emotional harms, the sometimes sexual abuse that happens, sometimes suicide,” said Boone.

“And so if it’s linked to things like that, would you rather be sober than x,y,z? Then I think it will stay around and really make a difference.”

Not only does Sober Curious show positive impacts but it helps improve mental health.

“Even self-esteem, because teens especially will feel less pressured to engage in drinking or even illicit substance use when they’re going to social activities and events because they know that same pressure won’t be there and that there are going to be people who aren’t drinking and maybe even that party or gathering is explicitly nonalcoholic and no substances,” said Britton.

Britton added the Sober Curious movement is promising since it’s pushing for healthier lifestyles as a whole. Talk It Out also encouraged parents to talk with their teens about underage drinking.

For more information on how to have those conversations, visit Talk it Out NC.