JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A teacher from Southwest Onslow High School in Jacksonville resigned last week after a viral video was spread around social media.

On March 17, a staff member of the school reacted with what Onslow County officials are calling intolerable behavior in front of students. The video contains audio of the teacher screaming and using inappropriate language directed at students.

Onslow County Schools released a statement to explain school administrators promptly handled and deescalated the situation. The evening of the 17th, parents of the students in the classroom were called to make them aware of the situation and let them know it was being addressed.

According to the school, the next day, the teacher submitted his resignation and is no longer employed by the school district.

Onslow County School officials said they expect the highest standards of behavior from their staff and students. They added that the behavior shown in the situation is not representative of the employees at Onslow County Schools.

The student who took the video in the classroom, Cimayiah Josey, a sophomore at Southwest, said her teacher became angry after a comment a student made to him. Josey said that morning, the teacher gave them a quiz over what they were learning in class, while he played war reenactment videos on the screen.

She said the teacher allegedly asked them to put their phones and laptops away, and another student made a comment saying, “I’m going to put my computer away before you start whining and whining.” Josey said this student and her teacher had a joking relationship, so this comment wasn’t abnormal, but it is what caused the outburst.

She said the teacher then proceeded to yell at the students and that’s when Josey got her phone out to record because of the language he was using. Josey said the teacher redirected his anger at her because she was laughing while recording.

The teacher then got in her face with a golf club, swinging it on the desk and floor, as well as throwing a book on the ground, according to Josey.

A student from another class overheard the commotion and came in to intervene and pull her out of the classroom, said Josey. She said the most hurtful thing her teacher said to her was that she was going to be a statistic, living off his taxes the first and 15th of every month.

Josey also said that no students played gunshot sounds in the classroom, which is rumored to have caused the incident. Social media posts have also circulated in support of the teacher who resigned.