Teacher Spotlight: Anissa Potter still doing what she loves

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WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Anissa Potter knew from a young age, teaching was her calling.

“I had so many awesome teachers, Ms. Daniels, Ms. Reel, Ms. Rawls, Ms. Ward, who inspired a love of learning and literature and really made me know I wanted to do something with books or teaching,” said Potter.

Flash forward 26 years later and she’s now a CARE reading teacher at Ridgewood Elementary. She’s hired to teach students to read.

“It’s my hope and desire as it is for all of us that work here, that children will build a mastery of foundational skills and create a desire in them, a love and desire to want to go out and read not just the books we provide here but things they’re interested in and the things they will need to be successful,” Potter said.

Reading aside, she wants her students to know most of all, she cares.

“I hope when they walk in this door, if that’s not the case for them in their home environment, that they will know that they are loved and cared for when they come into our building,” she said.

“Especially right now with so much uncertainty is going on in their world,” Potter said. “They need to hear that they are doing well, and they are loved and that they’re supported and that you care and that they matter.”

By doing this, she’s helping each of her students find their potential.

“Success can be something you reach for in a day, it can be something that you can reach for in a lifetime,” she said. “And it’s something I think every student is capable of achieving.”

Day in and day out, she does this with a smile on her face in the classroom.

“Joy is something I try to have in my heart every day,” Potter said. “You cannot come to this job with a bad attitude. You have to leave those things at the door because when you come in here, it is 100% for the children.”

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