GREENVILLE, N.C. — The Wahl-Coates Elementary School of the Arts Media Center, under the leadership of coordinator Allison Edwards, was recently awarded a $96,920.47 grant from the James J. and Mamie Richardson Perkins Trust.

In addition to providing resources to update the facility’s furniture needs, the funds will also be used to create a Makerspace area for students with shared interests so they can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge.

“We want our media center to transform from a place where students not only know the media center as a place to check out books, but as a place where they can learn, discover, grow and create,” Edwards said. “A key part of that process involves the opportunity to work collaboratively and we’re excited to be in a position to feature a space that students and staff can utilize to exchange thoughts, produce innovative conversations and learn from each other.”

Another initiative for the center is to improve its functionality to be a comprehensive extension of classroom learning, accommodating both younger and older students with the tools and resources to succeed in an ever-changing global society.

Wahl-Coates’ administrative team includes principal Tracy Davenport and assistant principal Anitra Cook.

The grant is the third awarded by the James J. and Mamie Richardson Perkins Trust to a PCS elementary school within the last 12 months, following Falkland’s (May 2022) and Ayden’s (October 2022) distinction, respectively.