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Which fall hat is best? 

A cute fall hat can elevate any look and can serve to provide warmth when necessary. Whether you are having a bad hair day or you are looking to add a classic accessory to your look to tie your outfit together, consider a hat. There are many different styles of hats and many materials that will serve to provide warmth and breathability in different seasons. A hat in the summer can protect you from the sun, while a hat in the fall can protect you from the cold wind. In pursuit of the best fall hat, consider the size of the hat, the style and the weather conditions when you wear it. 

If you are looking for a comfortable fall hat that is versatile and can be used in different types of weather, the Free People Stormi Washed Cable Beanie is a top choice.

What to know before you buy a fall hat 


Before purchasing a hat for the fall, make sure it is the right size for your head. Many product listings will feature a measurement section in the description that details the exact size of the hat. Knowing the measurements of hats that typically fit your head will help in situations where the hat is only sold in one size. 

When measuring your head for a hat, use a loose tape measure and wrap it around your head above your eyebrows. Make sure you can fit a finger’s length in between your head and the measuring tape before marking a specific measurement. 


Fall hats range in style from beanies to fedoras to berets, and differ in the way the top and bottom of the hat are designed. Hats can feature hard brims and creased crowns or be entirely made with cotton or knit material and not feature a crown or brim. If the hat is made with knitted material and purposed for the winter, it may feature a pouf on top for design. The style of the hat will vary with the season. 


The hat that you choose for the fall should correlate with the weather. Baseball caps might not provide the users with enough coverage for the brisk fall weather. Beanies can be used in the fall and winter and will provide optimal warmth for your head in the cooler seasons. Fedora-style hats with a wide, sturdy brim may help protect from rainy conditions. The weather will determine the material of the hat. When purchasing a hat for the fall, make sure that it is breathable but also thermal, as fall temperatures vary.  

What to look for in a quality fall hat


A quality fall hat will be something you can pair with any outfit. The most popular fall colors are dark shades of red, orange, yellow, green and brown. These colors can also be mixed and matched and worn together. Wear different shades of the same color throughout your outfit for a fashionable monotone look. You can then choose a hat color that will tie in the look of an entire outfit or make certain colors stand out.


Regardless of the style and material of the hat, it should first and foremost provide comfort. The material and make of the hat will determine the level of comfort that it provides. Hats made with wool can be itchy, while hats made with knit can be constricting. A breathable hat with stretch that will form comfortably to any size of head will be ideal for many people looking for fall hats. 

Animal cruelty

Hats may feature fur to add warmth or make it soft and fashionable. Read the labels on any hat you are considering to know whether the fur is faux, cruelty-free or from a dead animal.

How much you can expect to spend on a fall hat

The best fall hats will usually cost $19-$60 depending on the material that was used, the brand and the style of the hat. Hats that feature high-quality material and come from popular brands will be the most expensive.

Fall hat FAQ

How will I know if a one-size-fits-all hat will fit me? 

A. Hats will likely include measurements, even if they only come in one size. Measure your head or a hat you already own and love to make sure a new hat will be a comparable fit.

What is a fedora? 

A. A fedora is a hat that features a few indented creases in the crown with a flat brim. It can also feature a bow or belt in between the crown and the brim. Fedoras are a popular fall style for everyone. 

What’s the best fall hat to buy?

Top fall hat

Free People Stormi Washed Cable Beanie

Free People Stormi Washed Cable Beanie

What you need to know: This hat comes in multiple colors and features a unique woven design. It is available in one size. 

What you’ll love: The faded look of this hat will fit your fall style. The hat is made with cotton, which gives it a lightweight and breathable feel.

What you should consider: This product requires a gentle hand wash for long-lasting wear. 

Where to buy: Revolve 

Top fall hat for the money

Lanzom Women’s Classic Wide Brim Floppy Panama Hat

Lanzom Women’s Classic Wide Brim Floppy Panama Hat

What you need to know: This fedora-style hat comes in a wide variety of colors, with some variation in the interior. It is a one size fits all model with measurements in the product description. 

What you’ll love: This hat has a buckle, so it is adjustable. It features soft, comfortable material that will not itch. It is breathable, too, so you’ll be able to wear it for a long time. 

What you should consider: The hat is made of wool, so it is heavier than some options and may not be suitable for those wishing to avoid animal products. Though this fall hat is for women, a similar style is also available for men. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

8 Other Reasons Beret

8 Other Reasons Beret

What you need to know: This hat only comes in one size and can fit all wearers differently depending on the size of their heads. 

What you’ll love: It is designed to look slouchy and is a style of hat that is on-trend. It is made with a wool blend for breathable warmth. 

What you should consider: The item only comes in one color and is made by using fur from an animal. Depending on the fit of the hat, wool can be itchy. 

Where to buy: Revolve


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