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Which cloth napkins are best?

Using a cloth napkin at home can be just the touch up you need to make that special dinner all the more impactful. Available in all manner of sizes, quantities, colors and designs, the perfect cloth napkin for you is easy to find and always affordable.

The best cloth napkin is the Ruvanti Multicolor Cloth Napkins. This 12-pack of cloth napkins are available in several color options and are built with tough materials for durability that’s nonetheless soft to the touch during use

What to know before you buy cloth napkins


Cloth napkins typically come in one of three sizes with the most common, standard size being 18 x 18 inches. Some cloth napkins are available in a slightly smaller size of 17 x 17 inches as well. There are also jumbo sizes of cloth napkins which are 20 x 20 inches; these cloth napkins are commonly used for place settings and decorative folds in addition to standard cleaning uses.


Cloth napkins are rarely sold individually with the vast majority of them being sold in packs. The most common package size for cloth napkins includes 12 cloth napkins. Smaller packages of four or six are also available, though they’re better suited to individuals than large households. Extra large packages of 24 are sold as well, though these are mostly intended for businesses rather than household consumers.

What to look for in quality cloth napkins


  • Colors: The most common type of cloth napkin is one in a solid color, with the most common colors being white (or some type of off-white), black and shades of red. 
  • Images: Some cloth napkins include decorative images stitched into the material. These can be truly anything, but holiday related images like Christmas trees or menorahs are especially common. You can also have a custom image stitched into your cloth napkins using a sewing service.
  • Patterns: Patterns relate to any design that repeats across the napkin. Striped cloth napkins are very popular as well as checkerboards.
  • Edges: Most cloth napkins have a very simple edge that’s typically just straight, flat and stitched to hold the napkin together well while in a washing machine though the manner of stitching can vary. Lacy edges are also popular.

How much you can expect to spend on cloth napkins

Cloth napkins nearly always fall into the same narrow price range, no matter the exact mix of materials used, color options or quantities. The low range of cloth napkins are in the $15-$18 area with midrange cloth napkins costing $18-$21 and the best cloth napkins costing $21 and rarely exceeding $26.

Cloth napkin FAQ

How long does a good cloth napkin last?

A. The lifespan of a cloth napkin is determined by several factors including how often you use them and how well you care for them in addition to the basics like general quality. Most cloth napkins can last for a minimum of two to three years though this can be lower if poorly cared for. Even the best quality and carefully maintained cloth napkins tend to need replacement after around five years but rarely used cloth napkins can last for up to a decade.

Can you microwave a cloth napkin?

A. Absolutely. Using cloth napkins to cover your food in the microwave is an excellent method of ensuring there aren’t any messes to clean up from popping food and is a much more environmentally friendly method than using paper towels to accomplish the same task.

Considering all costs like water for washing, how long do I need to use cloth napkins until they pay for themselves?

A. If you use your cloth napkins regularly/always instead of a paper towel then most consumers and especially large families will find that cloth napkins cover their costs after around six months of use.

What are the best cloth napkins to buy?

Top cloth napkins 

Ruvanti Multicolor Cloth Napkins

Ruvanti Multicolor Cloth Napkins

What you need to know: An excellent cloth napkin with plenty of colors to select from in a durable material. 

What you’ll love: These cloth napkins are durable enough to be run through a washing machine over and over and come in five color combinations including the classic black and white or purple and tan for a more elegant and royal touch.

What you should consider: These cloth napkins lack the absorbency of other materials and the multicolor option can be difficult to pair with your aesthetics.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cloth napkins for the money

Utopia Kitchen Cloth Napkins

Utopia Kitchen Cloth Napkins

What you need to know: A simple, single color cloth napkin that’s perfect for at home or professional use.

What you’ll love: These cloth napkins are available in 10 color options including bright and dark red as well as black and white. They’re machine washable and won’t bleed their color during washing plus are made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester with strong stitching for high durability.

What you should consider: The material of these cloth napkins is thinner than other similar options you can find and also come up lacking in absorbance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ramanta Home Salsa Stripe Dinner Napkins

Ramanta Home Salsa Stripe Dinner Napkins

What you need to know: These supersized cloth napkins make for excellent place settings as well as serving as an excellent napkin.

What you’ll love: Four color options all maintain the same stripe pattern on either side of the cloth and the cloth napkins are 100% cotton. The embiggened size allows these cloth napkins to perform decorative duties in addition to their cleaning capabilities.

What you should consider: Some reviewers noted that machine mashing can be a touch too hard on these napkins and there aren’t any simple designs to choose from.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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