GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Many in our state know the value and popularity of the Outer Banks. A website is also touting its popularity.

The online website HomeToGo recently put together a list of summer destinations that are highly researched, and North Carolina’s Outer Banks is ranked as the number one top searched.

The qualities that people searched for were bargain hunting for vacation time and money saved, people who want a place that is relaxing, and film inspiration, like with the series Outer Banks’ recent success on Netflix.

HomeToGo’s 2023 U.S. Summer Travel Forecast found more than one-third (38%) of Americans have planned three or more vacations for this summer – clearly indicating an early wave of excitement.

The people surveyed have planned three or more vacations for this summer. This year, Outer Banks, North Carolina, ranked as the #3 destination, showing that many are excited to finally travel.

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