(WGHP) — From an artboard-inspired white-out set to something that looks like a dance club to a laser light tunnel to a room that looks like an old barn, FOX pulls out all the stops to create a certain look for the upcoming season.

“We start over the summer, and we just dream up any ideas we can think of, and we’ll sit in pitch meetings for a long time and just ping-pong ideas. And then we just whittle down from there,” said Lindsey Mandia, vice president of production for FOX.

The commitment is there to take a concept and make it a reality. Even the drivers look forward to seeing what FOX has up its sleeve.

“You never know what they’re going to have…it’s different every year between…so it’s just always fun to see what they got going on,” said Ryan Blaney, who drives the #12 car.

Much like a crew chief trying to coax more speed out of his driver, the producers must coach up the drivers and even the FOX talent to capture “the shot.”

“Some guys take a little bit more of coaching. It’s all about building the trust…that’s the best thing that we get to do here. We get to build relationships with drivers. It’s something we’ve been doing for over 20 years…they see the investment FOX is making, and they can trust us,” Mandia said.

“I’m going to be honest with you. It’s pretty awkward doing them in person, but you have to figure out what they look like on camera, right? That’s what it’s for…I feel like they have to encourage us a little bit to get a little bit more excited…they have a great team…at every kind of station to do that, and they bring the best out of it,” Blaney said.

long-time play-by-play voice Mike Joy, who has been a part of NASCAR on FOX since day one, looks at production day as proof of the commitment FOX has to the sport of NASCAR.

It’s very cool. All the resources that FOX puts forth for just all these little things that we get to put into the telecast throughout the year,” Joy said. “It’s a lot of effort.”

You’ll see these shots three, four or five seconds at a time going into or out of commercial breaks during races throughout the season.

“It never gets old. It’s the ultimate form of teamwork…and you actually get to see your product come together…it’s amazing,” Mandia said.

These clips just started airing, but the team is already thinking about what to do next season.