SPARTANBURG, S.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – Say hey to your newest Panthers reporter.

Defensive end Brian Burns decided to join the CSL crew and other media in front of the podium to ask quarterback Bryce Young a couple of questions.

“How is it being on a team with a guy such as Brian Burns?” Burns asked. “Let us know about that.”

Though Burns was happily asking and semi-joking, Young answered truthfully… sort of.

“It’s just great when you have a group of guys that we all care about the team,” Young said. “We all get along so well. We’re one player away from [being complete].”

That’s when Burns started to cut Young off.

“That’s not my question, Bryce!” Burns said. “Which guy?”

Young smiled and elaborated.

“I… you know,” Young said.

It was at that point Burns mumbled and walked off. 🤣