CHARLOTTE (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) — The biggest day on the NFL calendar for social media departments at the 32 teams isn’t a game, the draft or the start of free agency. It is schedule release day!

FOX Charlotte will televise 12 of the games at this time. FOX will carry more postseason games than any other network in the last 40 years including 2 Wildcards, 2 NFC Divisionals, the NFC Championship, and the Super Bowl.

Here is the official schedule for the 2022-2023 season for the Carolina Panthers:

  • Week 1: Browns at Panthers
  • Week 2: Panthers at Giants
  • Week 3: Saints at Panthers
  • Week 4: Cardinals at Panthers
  • Week 5: 49ers at Panthers
  • Week 6: Panthers at Rams
  • Week 7: Bucs at Panthers
  • Week 8: Panthers at Ravens
  • Week 9: Panthers at Bengals
  • Week 10: Falcons at Panthers (TNF)
  • Week 11: Panthers at Ravens
  • Week 12: Broncos at Panthers
  • Week 13: Panthers Bye Week (Same as last year)
  • Week 14: Panthers at Seahawks
  • Week 15 Steelers at Panthers
  • Week 16: Lions at Panthers
  • Week 17: Panthers at Bucs
  • Week 18: Panthers at Saints
  • The Panthers will play home on Christmas Eve (Saturday) vs Lions | 1 PM kickoff

Here is the preseason schedule:

  • Week 1: Panthers at Commanders
  • Week 2: Panthers at Patriots
  • Week 3: Bills at Panthers

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