CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – Frank Reich was introduced as the Panthers’ head coach at Bank of America Stadium Tuesday afternoon.

Panthers broadcaster Anish Shroff during head coach Frank Reich’s introductory press conference.

“He is a part of this franchise’s origin story,” said Panthers broadcaster Anish Shroff, introducing Reich. “First quarterback, he threw the first pass, took the first snap, and threw the first touchdown pass. We look forward that you now get a chance to show us what’s next.”

Reich is returning home to Charlotte after signing with the expansion Carolina Panthers in March of 1995, beginning a brand new franchise.

“Thank you to David and Nicole Tepper for an incredible opportunity to come back home,” Reich said to start his introductory press conference. “I wanna tap into that energy, that expertise, that innovation, creativity to be the best.”

Frank Reich during his introductory press conference.

Before answering questions, Reich ended his speech (before answering questions) by explaining the city will experience a brand of football that is ‘exciting in all three phases.’

“It’s gonna be innovative; it’s gonna be creative,” Reich said. “We will always be working on getting better. We’re gonna do it the right way on and off the field. We want to make you proud.”

Owner David Tepper during head coach Frank Reich’s introductory press conference.

Additionally, David Tepper gave closing remarks, praising Reich before he took the stage for the remainder of the time.

“He’s a man of incredible integrity, an incredible family man, a person we could tell has a great process and way of doing things,” added owner David Tepper. “A guy that checks all the boxes.”