CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – Day two of the Panthers’ Open Minicamp is under wraps, and we dove into a rather ‘interesting’ topic regarding wide receiver Robbie Anderson.

The retirement tweet.

“I was just thinking out loud,” Anderson said. “I wasn’t really that serious, for real. I was just like dang, just thinking about a few things — ain’t too serious though.”

Everyone can breathe, now.

Many vets were held out of practice Wednesday, but that comes as no surprise; they’ve been coaching up the newer guys through the first two days.

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Players like Anderson continued to take on that responsibility through Day two as Rhule stressed he is continuing to allow the players to take more control.

Rhule also elaborated on Sam Darnold (and the rest of the quarterbacks) in the new offensive system.

“I think the thing for Sam, really all our quarterbacks right now, when the play is over, they don’t really have a lot of time to make corrections,” said Rhule. “They gotta get to the next play. We’re trying to snap the ball quickly.”

Darnold also chimed in, explaining that he feels the offense has begun to mold, and that they’re just aiming to get better each day.

“As an offense, we’ve been gradually getting better,” said Darnold. “Obviously there’s still stuff we need to work on… I need to work on individually.”

Christian McCaffrey also praised his quarterback, saying Sam has “been awesome,” and that head coaches and quarterbacks often take too much praise or blame from outsiders.