ROCK HILL, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The Mayor of Rock Hill is making his first comments on the Panthers training facility project since the developers at the site declared bankruptcy.

At an event Thursday, Mayor John Gettys specifically addressed the future of the site, while also noting how the project ended.

“The Panthers, the owner filed bankruptcy in order not to pay the general contractor that they got to come to this area,” said Gettys. “Which—it is what it is.”

The bankruptcy was filed last week, which effectively ended construction and work at the facility after months of back and forth between Tepper Sports and Entertainment (TSE) and the City of Rock Hill.

TSE claimed Rock Hill did not follow through on issuing bonds for their part of the project, something which was not refuted by the City of Rock Hill, though they noted at the time they were “weeks away” from securing the bonds, which had been due a year prior.

What remains of the site now is a partially finished structure behind extensive fencing.

Gettys did not give a direct answer on the future of the site but seemed to indicate there will be a future at the location.

“When and whoever buys that property will buy it improved,” he said. “We’ll make sure that taxpayers will get the benefit of whatever investment they made in the site.”

“The site is in the city limits,” Gettys added. “The city of Rock Hill owns the water, we own the sewer, we own the electricity, we have zoning, and we have the entitlements. We’ll have what needs to be there for Rock Hill’s best interests. Nothing’s going to be done there without knowing what’s in Rock Hill’s best interests going forward.”