GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — When it comes to NCAA basketball fans, especially during March Madness, there’s a fine line between rowdiness and obnoxiousness.

Whether it’s annoying cheers or cursing crowds, some NCAA fans are known for bad behavior. Getting into the thick of March Madness, it’s safe to say that some fans won’t be on their best behavior. But who’s ranked among the worst-behaved? surveyed basketball fans around the country to find out which type of fan behavior gets under their skin the most while watching March Madness.

None other than the “Cameron Crazies” of Duke top the list. When it comes to Blue Devils fans, everything is over-the-top. Whether it’s fans in blue body and face paint or camping out for days at a time in Krzyzewskiville in order to get a good seat, Duke fans operate on a whole different level.

Respondents say the students’ annoying chants and excessive heckling are too much to bear.

Duke not only topped the list for worst-behaved fans, but they also took the top spots for both “most obnoxious chants” and “loudest fan sections.”

How unbearable are obnoxious chants for those watching the tournament at home? Well, according to respondents, 1 in 4 say they either mute their TV or turn the volume down when fans chant something obnoxious during a game.

Overall, Gonzaga dominates the list with a total of 382 personal fouls. Elsewhere, 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions, the Kansas Jayhawks, came in second with 305 personal fouls.