GREENVILLE, N.C. — Mascots are a group as diverse as any, and there’s a mascot for anybody, whether you’re into dogs, birds or even a six-foot-tall amorphous blob that wears sneakers. asked college basketball fans to rank the 70 mascots whose teams have the most appearances in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

The NCAA basketball mascot who reigns supreme is the beloved Oregon Duck, who was ranked 3.86 out of 5. The Duck topped Pac-12 rivals including UCLA, USC, Washington, Arizona, Utah, and Cal.

North Carolina’s Ramses the Ram finished among the top mascots, coming in fourth. It’s also the highest of the mascots currently in the Final Four. Kansas was 10th and Villanova was 14th. Duke did not place in the top 25.

When it comes to creepy, at the bottom of the list is Providence’s petrifying Friar Dom. Scoring slightly better is perhaps the most bizarre mascot of all time, Stanford’s Tree.

When fans were asked which mascot they would be most likely to invite to a child’s birthday party, the Oregon Duck was the first choice. That’s perhaps because of the similarities the Duck shares with the Disney character.

When it came to which one you would absolutely run away from, there was no surprise that Friar Dom from Providence was the overwhelming winner.